What’s on my bedside table?

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If you’re anything like me, you love a good nose around other people’s homes. So here’s a part of my bedroom! #notclickbait

I post quite a bit of home stuff on my InstaStory and get asked about it, too, so I thought I’d start with my bedside table and what’s on it. Enjoy!

The bedside table itself is from Ikea (Hemnes), Stefan build them in a few hours and they go with my wardrobe. I love that they have a drawer to hide rubbish and believe me, even though we only have them for a week, there‘s rubbish in them. #keepingitreal

{1} My alarm clock and reading light is the same thing. I love waking up to light and birds chirping, so the Philips wake-up light makes getting up in the morning sooo much easier for me. I usually wake up stress free even before the sound, just by the power of the light. In summer I wake up with natural light anyway, but for our long winters it’s perfect.

{2} Being pregnant and living in a very dry apartment means my nose is either super dry (inside and outside) and at night blocked, which makes sleeping next to me probably a great experience. Sorry Stefan! So I bought this aroma diffuser, which can be used with essential oils or just with water or even with salt water to moisten the air. So far it’s been good and I’m happy I bought it. I’m running it for 1 to 3 hours at night without the colour changing setting and I ususally put a few drops of peppermint oil in it.

{3} I got this little ceramic candleholder as a gift a few years ago and it lives next to my bed ever since. I just love having a cosy flickering light before going to sleep and this candleholder makes the best patterns around it.

{4} Since I finished Philip Pullman‘s “La Belle Sauvage” I find it hard to start another book. I bought “The Big Magic” at the same time and I have heard great things about it. I loved “Eat Pray Love” when it came out and I’ve heard many great interviews and podcasts with Elizabeth Gilbert, so it was a natural decision to get this book too. I’ll probably let you know in my InstaStory how I get on with it. As I said before, I’m the worst book starter and not finisher.

{5} Since I’m growing an actual human in my belly I have been quite consistent with moisturising my bump. My mother-in-law got me this luxurious dry oil from Nuxe for Christmas and I love it! It smells very natural, even woody or herb-y and I like these kinda smells. I can’t tell you if it’s doing a good job preventing stretch marks yet and I’ve heard that the skin mostly tears during the last few days before labour. We’ll see!

{6} I also like to moisturise my hands before going to sleep. I’m not fussy with hand creams, I don’t mind sticky hands, so I’m not partial to any specific brand. I bought this eos hand creme mostly because it looked cool. Haha. I don’t really like their lip balms, but the hand creme is nice! It smells very fresh of cucumbers, but they do a lot of different fragrances.

{7} More moisturisation! This time for my lips. This is my favourite lip balm of all times! I’ve used this Rosebud Perfume Company lip salve for years and I ran out a few months ago and I missed it so much! #firstworldproblems To be completely honest, I love the tinned version more. I think it’s thicker and even more moisturising, but the tube version is more hygienic, because you don’t stick your finger into the product all the time.

{8} More tummy moisturisation! Palmers is my favourite body product brand and I usually get it when I’m in the UK. I’ve still got two bottles of their normal body moisturiser, but I’ve heard Fleur talk about the anti stretch mark kind and I had to have it. And OMG does it smell amazing! The original Palmers scent is chocolate-y and this butter has added lavender in it, so it’s a cosy and fresh smell. Stefan loves it, too!

{9} I sleep with ear plugs. I started using them when I lived on a very busy road many years ago and now I can’t sleep without them. Our new apartment is very quiet and I try to wean myself off. That is going not so well, but I try. Ohropax are my favourite brand, because they’re comfy and don’t slip out.

{10} I have talked about my blocked nose, so here are my tissues of choice to free my nose from unwanted slime. I buy these decorative tissue boxes, because I’m lame like that. The normal ones are a bit cheaper, but I like to have a bit of colour and design around me. #firstworldproblems

So, here you are! That’s all I have on my bedside table. I bet you want to know what’s in that drawer, right? Too bad. 😛


Quit-O-Meter: 5 out of 5 quinces

I love this set-up and how this limited space helps me to keep my bedside clutter free. What are your bedside essentials?

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