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Yeah, yeah, reducing my social media accounts to a bare minimum is great, but being on my phone for many hours a day is still a thing. *eyeroll*

In my blog post 72 hours without my Phone I talked about being off my phone for a longer period of time, how I liked it and that I wanted to track my actual phone time just to see how much I use my phone. What I didn’t expect was how much I actually use it. When I started that experiment I thought I might be on my phone for an hour combined daily, but boy was I wrong!


As you can see in the short video, there are hardly days when I used it for under two hours! Holy crap! What could I do in all this time? You know and the worst thing is that I don’t really know what I’m doing on my phone. Well, I do know. I’m scrolling through Instagram a lot and I fall into the YouTube rabbit hole quite often (everyday). I find the results of my screen time tracking quite embarrassing, to be honest. I started this experiment when I was still working and I use my phone for both of my jobs, so that doesn’t really count. But there were days when I was 6 hours on my phone! HOW!?!?!

So. This needs to stop. Not only do I ruin my eyes in the long run, but I also ruin my sleep (too much blue light) and put my mental health at risk. Excessive use of social media is proven to cause depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. I don’t need more of that. I noticed that I have become very lazy in my free time. I hardly read any books or leave the house without my phone or do other other stuff which is totally offline. The only time I’m not on my phone is when I’m on my workbench, smithing. But even then I do #wip pics from time to time.

Really, I’m speechless. I didn’t expect these results. I’d love to know what YOUR average screen time is and hopefully I don’t feel like a total stupid lazy weirdo then. The Moment* app is available for free here.

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Quit-O-Meter: 1 out of 5 quinces

I challenge you to track your screen time as well. Do it!

I really need to get quitting! Quitting on using my phone! How do you manage your phone time? Tell me, I need to learn!

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