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Social Media is a funny thing. It connects people but it also disconnects from people. I have been umming and ahhing about decreasing my Social Media consumption for weeks now and I’ve finally made the cut!

Social Media and I go way back. Back to 2006 when the German version of Facebook rolled over all of us like a massive wave. I loved it. 2008 I’ve added the real Facebook, but quit in 2013, only to start over in 2016 again, with an additional Brand Page for QuittingQuince Jewellery. I’ve joined Instagram in 2012 and Twitter in 2014, with Instagram being my favourite platform ever since. Pinterest came in 2010 and I’ve even dabbled in YouTube from 2014 on and I had a brief intermezzo with Snapchat from 2015 until the beginning of 2016.

I’ve found love on Social Media, I’ve made friends through Social Media and stayed in contact with people from all over the world whom I met on my many travels/work, etc. So far, so good.

Now I even have a side-job in Social Media, I manage Potsdam’s touristic channels and I’ve never loved a job more (apart from making jewellery). But there’s a big but: I feel out of love with it for myself, because I fell in love with life again.

You see, in 2014 I was not well at all. I’ve spent the majority of the year recovering from a very severe depression resulting from several traumas. Let’s say I’m still recovering. This shit takes time, man. I’ve been out of work for 3/4 of that year, laying in bed, hoping to get well soon. Social Media was oftentimes the only connection to the outside world for me. Strangers became familiar faces, strangers became online friends and Social Media filled a huge void. I felt like the people on Instagram didn’t judge me for my character, but for what I was putting out there – my jewellery. People on Twitter might have liked my sense of humour and I’ve like back.

Over the years I felt the changes of the different channels. The new algorythms are crap and actually made my anxiety worse. For me, my Social Media channels were an extension of my work. I’ve tried pushing my jewellery on all these channels, while connecting with people, being there for people and having my ego pampered. All this doesn’t work as well anymore, because all the channels need so much attention that it is impossible to grow my jewellery business as well. I can’t be on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/YouTube/Snapchat/Blog/whatever 24/7 and expect to also make great jewellery. It just doesn’t work that way. Getting anxious, because the work I was putting into all these channels didn’t translate into Likes, Shares and Followers is just not worth it. It stresses me. I feel like I have too many tabs open. My two jobs, my relationship, my friends, my family – are more important than anything else.

So I’ve decided to cut back. When you read this, I’ve deleted my QuittingQuince YouTube channel (I’m glad my videos are off the radar now and my desire to maybe become a famous YouTuber is finally non-existent. LOL), my Facebook Brand Page and I will delete Twitter within a week or so. My Social Media hub will be Instagram with InstaStories. I love that place! Even though the algorythm is shit there, too,  and my pictures don’t get the amount of attention they used to, it’s still my favourite way to share my work.

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Whilst typing this I’ve felt a massive weight lifting from my shoulders. This decision feels so right! „But Claudia, you could have kept all the channels, but used them less!“ I hear you ask. No, I can’t. I know how much attention Social Media needs and I’m not willing to do it half-arsed or quarter-arsed. *mic drop*

— Edit Sept. 10th —

Since this blog post went live I have deleted Twitter and my personal Facebook and it does feel a bit weird, but I don’t think I will regret this decision. It felt good deleting these apps from my phone! So good! I hope all my good energy goes into other things now, such as creating jewellery, being more crafty and offline in general. Love, C.

Quit-O-Meter: 5 out of 5 quinces

Haven’t been quitting someting that hard in ages. It feels good! What did you quit recently?

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