The Roots

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The Roots are a great hip hop/soul group and Jimmy Fallon’s studio band and The Roots live on my head. I am going to talk about those on my head today. They do not sing or rap, but they are visible and probably make people think „Dang, she needs her hair fixed!“

I cannot blame them! It has been the story of my life: do I want my natural hair colour or do I want to be blonder/redder/darker than I actually am? I have had countless conversations about hair with my friends and family and weighed the pros agains the cons and still I cannot decide what I want to have going on around my face. All I know is that I want everything at once and I would pay for a pill that makes hair grow over night and reset it to my natural hair colour. Technology- is there too much to ask?

I loved the hairdresser since I was a little girl and I had all hair styles under the moon: short, very short, even shorter, a bob, shoulder length, collarbone length, white blonde, black, fire engine red, brown, dreads, almost no hair at all. It was fun! Especially for my parents, who had to put up with my creatine craziness and the constant quitting of hairy ideas of any hairstyle which I proclaimed to be „the one“.

Now, at almost thirty I start to wonder who I actually am. And since I’m not a natural light blonde, but blessed with a street dog colour, I think it’s time to embrace my „real“ me and start wearing my natural hair colour. It’s time to quit wanting to be someone else, but being confident enough to shine from within.

At the moment it’s really hard to see The Roots every morning in the mirror, but I really want to stick to my plan. Although I’ve seen such a gorgeous shade of blonde in a magazine two days ago…

Quit-O-Meter: 4 out of 5 quinces

Let us be honest- I will never grow The Roots out. But I really wanna try! Do you think that dying your hair a different hair colour is masquerading the Real You?


  1. Tracey — 26. März 2014 @ 13:44

    Nah!  It’s masquerading the pathetic me that is rapidly approaching 50 and feels so old with the gray hair!  When I dye my hair the REAL me…the 25 year old comes out!

  2. Claudia — 26. März 2014 @ 14:01

    Hi Tracey! With grey hair it’s a whole different story I think. Dunno how I would react to that! I’d probably dye it, too. I know a few 30-something’s having grey hair already and they’re dyeing their hair as close to their natural hair colour as possible. Bring out the the 25 year old! Love it. Claudia Xx

  3. Talia — 27. März 2014 @ 3:53


    At close to 30 I am just STARTING to play with my hair!! Thus the purple and pixie!! As for white/silver/gray or whatever color the little buggers are, I am acquiring them at a rapid rate. I have chosen, at this point, to not color them my natural color. Purple, red, teal or blue are all acceptable colors though!!


  4. Claudia — 27. März 2014 @ 8:50

    Sounds fun, Talia! Your pixie is great!!! I think it’s interesting that the feedback I get is totally ‚pro-colour‘. I thought it would be the exact opposite. This makes it even harder for me to grow my natural hair colour out… ;D
    Claudia Xx

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