The Lent Series #1:
Quitting on sitting

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Lent is coming up and since I’m not religious I still try to give things up for lent. I think this is a great opportunity to get rid of things, re-evaluate the life you’ve led so far and actually quit doing something which is not easy for you. In my case it’s chocolate.

I tried and failed miserably for several years. My mom actually did give up chocolate for lent a couple of years ago and is „clean“ now. Heavenly. Since it would be a total desaster trying to quit chocolate (I just know myself too well by now), I thought of other things I could quit for lent. And I would like to give you a few ideas as well!

I came across the article „Sitting is the Smoking of Our Generation“ by the Harvard Business Review ( and it got me thinking. I don’t smoke. I think I lead a healthy-ish life. But I do sit a lot. A LOT. I have an office job and in my spare time I like reading (I usually sit while doing it) and smithing (which happens sitting on my workbench). Adding the 8+ hours I like to sleep, I might only walk or stand for 2 hours a day?! This is scary shit and I know it. I try to walk to the train station or even go by bike, but this only takes 10 or 5 minutes. NOT ENOUGH. I do like to jog or swim, but so rarely that I cannot remember the last time doing it. I know. It’s that bad. My flabby tummy nods silently.

Not only would I die earlier and I could suffer from heart attacks and stuff much more often than non-sitters, I simply do find it pretty hard to avoid sitting. What I could do:

  • Leave the train a station earlier and walk the extra ten minutes to work
  • Team up with a friend or training buddy to incorporate more walking or running into my daily life (think nordic walking or walking with small dumb bells for extra oomph)
  • During lunch break I could walk briskly for ten to fifteen minutes and get my heart pumping
  • Buy a treadmill or step machine which is used especially in front of the TV or while talking on the phone
  • Instead of taking the public transport into the city, I could walk or go by bike
  • Do everything of the above regularly

Yeah. I’ll try and report report back.

Quit-O-Meter: 3 out of 5 quinces

Since I’m only starting to quit sitting I cannot say how it goes. What I do know is that I want to live healthy until I’m 101 years old. For that I need to quit sitting! How do you guys incoporate more walking or standing into your life? Gimme tips!

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