The Lent Series #3: Quitting on paper

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Lent is coming up TOMORROW and in case you don’t know what you shall be quitting, I have yet another idea for you: quit wasting paper!

When I was in primary school we discussed the paper waste issue and since then I imagined the trees crying when they lost another friend or family member in the forest due to paper production. I was so sad but to tell you the truth: I didn’t do anything about it since a few months. Being quite of a magazine hoarder (I cannot throw them away, they’re so pretty and I might want to re-read the article about green smoothies), I was faced with heavy moving boxes anytime I moved house. This was crazy and it had to stop! Half a year ago, I moved yet another time, I decided to quit buying any magazines, but to read them on my tablet. By this I save money (the e-versions are mostly a little cheaper than the printed ones), recue trees which are important for our climate, eliminate paper clutter and stop paper cuts! Aren’t paper cuts a pain in the quince? Anyway. The e-versions are very well done, interactive and easy to read. Sure, reading on yet another technical device makes your eyes more sensitive, especially when you have an office job on the computer, so make sure you rest your eyes by finding a spot in the distance once in a while.

Saving paper also applies to books! Many e-readers are out there and my parents have enrolled in the public library to get e-books from there, as their living room resembles a library. This saves storage in the shelves, money and eliminates dusting time. Have you dusted your books lately?? *crickets*

Are you a print-out-er? Well, stop! Many companies have included a little disclaimer about not printing their e-mails and considering the environment, and so can you! If you’re at work or at home, printing can be eliminated, as the screens become more and more eye-friendly, you can comment in track-change and highlight text parts and send them around via mail etc.

Is this something you could put into practice? During lent and beyond?


Quit-O-Meter: 1 out of 5 quinces

I give only one quince, as I’m actually applying all of the above. I have enough un-read books in my shelf, but when I want another one, I’m gonna buy the e-book. I quit wasting paper!

Can you, too?


  1. Eno — 5. März 2014 @ 0:11

    Well, it’s a weak spot by many people, to finally put away books in favor of their digital editions. Digital books don’t feel right, you cannot seem to joyfully browse through them, plus screens (especially tablets as compared to e-ink based e-book readers) still give your eyes enough wear not to read on it for hours on a regular basis. 
    Still, especially for my literature on design, scientific stuff etc. I love the ability to search the book, have it with me whenever I need (which isn’t often) and even cite it easily without having to type quotes. 

    I would be interested in hearing of how your going digital holds up for other media like music and video/TV. I collect CDs. That’s my weak spot I presume.

  2. Claudia — 5. März 2014 @ 0:50

    Yes, swapping books for e-books is definitely a change which is also not easy for me! I love holding books in my hands, smelling them (weird?) and maybe underline the perfect quote. But space-issues in small apartments and environmental concerns led to my decision. Music-wise I also don’t mind having mp3’s. But the best music is and always will be live music! Xx

  3. Eno — 6. März 2014 @ 12:18

    Exactly as you put it, as regards to music reception. Only I cannot afford to attend them every day :D. Still, I can’t get used to buying MP3 files, I rarely did so far, and mostly with stuff you cannot get elsewhere/in a different format. Still, I don’t write in books!!

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