The Lent Series #2: Quitting on cosmetics

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Yeah, I have a problem. I just have a thing for cosmetics. No drugstore or cosmetics store is safe when I walk past… I usually walk right in and buy stuff. Are you the same? Admitting your problem is the first step to solving it.

While the marketing and cosmetics industry found another victim, I’m happy when I can smell new fragrances, try ou new formulas and buy yet another nail polish in a shade of red I don’t own yet. I do have 10 other reds to chose from, but when you have a problem, you have a problem. I have so much stuff that I could easily live three months without purchasing new products!

And this is where another resolution for lent is entering the scene: I want to quit buying cosmetics and use up what I have. I don’t need three foundantions and 5 bottles of shower gel. I don’t need 61 nail polishes (actual number). I only have 20 nails to paint! I don’t need 4 different tubes of face masks, I only have 1 face! I don’t need 5 palettes of eyeshadows, I only have 2 eyes, I don’t need 7 blushers, I only have 2 cheeks… are you catching my drift?

This is going to be really hard to give up for lent, as cosmetics shopping has been one of my favourite past times for years. There is nothing more relaxing than browsing the isles, sniffing scents and swatching colours. I love watching YouTube videos of „beauty gurus“, who make sure I buy the best stuff there is! But, I seriously have enough and I don’t need more.

How am I gonna do this?

  • I will not enter a drugstore during lent
  • I bought toothpaste, deodorant etc. in advance so I don’t actually need something from the drugstore
  • I will use up the stuff I have by ENOjoying the the stuff I have and by this I will find out what I really like and would repurchase
  • I will give cosmetics away which I really don’t use. There are great charities out there for women who cannot afford cosmetics or need it to cover signs of a bad illness!
Quit-O-Meter: 3 out of 5 quinces

I really really really want to try not to purchase anything new during lent. It’s gonna be hard, therefore the three quinces. My wallet will thank me! And my conscience as well, as I don’t have to live in such an abundance.We’ll see how it goes!

Will you join me in quitting new cosmetics purchases?


  1. Eno — 3. März 2014 @ 23:53

    I like the part where you write about „ENOjoying stuff“ you have.

    Personally, I think you have a shy way of using cosmetics, at least to my eyes 😉 . I prefer women mostly natural, so I love that you don’t overdo it (and start quitting 😀 ).

  2. Claudia — 5. März 2014 @ 0:45

    Hi ENO, I think I’m so happy that you’ve built my blog that I wanted to give you hidden credits! 😀 Maybe there’re even more in the posts I have already written? Xx

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