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Happiness is a funny thing. Do you actually KNOW what makes you truly happy? A good thinking exercise for a Sunday!

“Mindfulness” and “being in the moment” have a lot to do with appreciating the small things in life. I read somewhere that being happy is an accumulation of many little things. And I truly believe that! Yes, purchasing a new iPad Pro with the pencil recently made me happy and still continues to do so, but I’ve realised that I’m most happy about the small things. And when there are more than two happy small things coming along during my day, I usually consider it a “good day”. With this mindset, it seems so easy to feel happy, right?

Here are the things that make me happy (in no particular order):

~ Light. Sunlight, pretty lamps, candle light, whatever

~ Cuddling. Being cuddled, a good back scratch, massages

~ Cake. I think cake is my favourite food, besides Pho

~ Flowers and plants. I love my succulents and a fresh flowers in the living room

~ Making things with my hands. Smithing, crafting, doing my make-up

~ Looking out of the window. And nothing else. It’s like meditation!

~ Having a bath. I prefer baths over showers. Sorry, environment

~ Music. Instant feelings through the ears! Magical

~ Being by the water. Thank goodness Potsdam is surrounded by it

~ Being on time. Yes, it’s vital for my wellbeing

~ When I have some sort of “success” per day. It can be as small as finally watering these succulents

~ Dreaming about Great Britain. It’s just my happy place, I love it there so much

~ Painting my nails. Nail polish is my weakness

~ A tidy flat. Tidy space, tidy mind

~ Reducing my belongings. Decluttering is my middle name

~ Running. I truly miss running! Who would’ve thought?

~ Coming home. Sharing a beautiful place with Stefan makes me so happy

~ My work. I love having two jobs. Best system ever!

~ Knowing that I know things. Do you know what I mean?

~ Having no plans. Plans often give me anxiety

~ The colour yellow. I’ve recently bought yellow cushions, best purchase ever

~ Feeling the baby kick and move. I have no words

~ Beauty products. Face masks and creams and lotions and serums are my jam

When I think even harder I probably could add even more things, but these things came to my mind in a time span of 5 minutes, so these must be “the ones”. What I have noticed is that many of these things come for free. What I have also noticed is the lack of other people in my happy list. Seems like I’m most content on my own, or that I don’t need to rely on others in order to feel happy. This doesn’t surprise me much, but is very interesting and probably quite hard for friends and family sometimes, who surely must notice this, too.

So, what makes you truly happy? Write a list! But be honest with yourself. Only this way you’ll find out deep shit about yourself. Admitting I love beauty products wasn’t easy, as it appears so shallow. But it’s true, so why withhold? It makes me me. To quote Dr. Seuss: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”


Quit-O-Meter: 5 out of 5 quinces

I feel really uplifted after compiling that list. Getting to know myself apparently makes me happy, too.

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