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I don’t know what it is, but the beginning of autumn makes me feel all fresh and energised and I like to change/adjust/question so many things in my life that it also can be a bit overwhelming.

As you might know I have rid myself of most of my social media accounts. What’s left are Instagram, this blog and Pinterest and I have never felt so light and free. Game-changing!

I’ve also dyed my hair back to its darker „natural“ colour and I feel more like myself than ever. Why do I always leave it so long?

Yesterday I’ve spend half of the day getting rid of clutter and clothes. Dang, I’ve got so much stuff. I’m very sentimental and holding on to postcards from friends from over 15 years ago is just in my DNA. But I’ve bought new storage boxes, made several trips to the bins and donation boxes and now my bedroom feels so much cleaner. And my head, too. Now I want to tackle all of my other rooms one by one. The kitchen and bookshelf will be interesting.

Trying to reconnect with life/people/work is the result of this process. Sometimes I have the feeling that life is running me, but I want to run life. I want to set dates, I want to enjoy my work and I want to enjoy being myself.

Decluttering is hard, you say? Oh yeah it is! But even though I’m a massive sentimental hoarder I like to say that I don’t have that many things. Regarding my clothes I have a „1 in 1 out“ policy that works for me for many years. I get rid of doubles. And basically all you need to do is asking you three questions: Does it make yout happy? Because if it doesn’t or you have no feelings towards it whatsoever, it can go. Now, my toaster doesn’t make me particularly happy, but I answer the next questions with „yes“ as well: Do you need it? If you don’t, give it a better home. If you’re a sentimental hoarder like myself, ask yourself, whether a certain things sparks a happy memory. Because I own diaries with unhappy memories and I will never read them again, of to the shredder they go!

Happy Autumn Cleanse!


Quit-O-Meter: 5 out of 5 quinces

I’m on a roll, aren’t I? Happy quitting, everybody!

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