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Yep, I quit to wash my face. Just kidding. Of course I wash my face. Although… I should have titled this post “Quitting on: washing my face altogether”, because I am quite lazy with those things (I know I know I know… pimples and wrinkles, but sometimes I’m so tired in the evenings and don’t do it. Please don’t hate, I hate myself for it and it wasn’t easy to admit) But, since I was exaggerating just a little bit, I love ‚taking the day off‘ in the evenings and washing life right into my facial skin in the mornings. I use quite a few products and since I’m basically obsessed with cosmetics of all kinds, I change my routine quite frequently.

Since I am “blessed” with combination skin, it is a pain in the quince to find a skincare routine which actually caters to all problems I have: shiny t-zone, dark spots/scarring, normal cheeks and forehead, pimply and oily chin and neck (yuck) and the odd dry patch around the nose. It is a nightmare! I’m 29! Please tell my skin to quit acting like it’s a teenager.

I saw the OCM (oil cleansing method) floating around the interwebs for a few years now and tried half-heartedly a few times. I heard so many good things about it: it is supposed to work, because oil dilutes oil and therefore opens clogged pores, balances out oily skin and with the thousands of millions good qualities organic oils give, you can basically mix The One skin concoction for your needs. Not scrubbing your face with chemical stuff from the drugstore can help, too, and I’m up for anything organic anyway!

I wanted to give it another try. So, after a looooong research I settled for three oils, which I mixed in a 1:1:1 ratio. Jojoba oil for moisture (it’s quite close to the human oils our bodies produce), almond oil for its soothing properties and apricot kernel oil for elasticity. Sounds exiting, doesn’t it? I got my oils from, but of course you could use any brand you like. Just make sure the oil is organic and natural, you don’t want to slap mineral oils on your face!

How do I do it? I bought a plastic bottle from the drugstore, mixed the oils and pour a tiny amount of the mix into the palm of my hands, rub them together and put the oil right onto my face. Yes, the makeup is still on and I don’t remove it beforehand. You will notice that the oil breaks up the make-up (even waterproof) like it’s nothing. I massage it in, focus on all pores and every inch of my face. When I think I massaged enough, I run a washcloth under the hot tap and soak it in hot water, wring it out slightly and put it on my face. This. Feels. Heavenly! Then I soak the washcloth a few more times and repeat the process until I think I removed all the make-up and oil from my face. I pat-dry with a towel and apply a light serum for the night and a moisturiser and I can finally go to bed. Yay!

Quit-O-Meter: 3 out of 5 quinces

I do like this method of washing my face, as it combines taking off make-up and washing the face at the same time. However, I still think it’s a hassle, as it takes forever. I’m not up for washing my face for half an hour in the evenings, because of tired. I also think that it is not less expensive than using regular face wash, as the organic oils are pretty pricey AND you use a lot of water for getting the stuff of your face. Furthermore I noticed I go through a lot more facecloths, because they tend to smell rancid pretty much after two days and I don’t want rancid on my face. All in all I think I’ll carry on using the OCM once or twice a week to deep clean and balance my face and to give it a break from drugstore products, but I honestly cannot be bothered to do it every day.

What do you think about OCM? How do you clean your face?

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