My Long-term Digital Detox

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In the beginning of September this year I quit most of my social accounts. Here’s how it went so far…

I said goodbye to Twitter, my personal and my business Facebook profile, deleted my YouTube channel (with a few embarrassing videos on it) and decided that my only output channel would be Instagram. I still have a Pinterest account, which I visit very rarely and when I do, I only browse hair boards pondering whether I should finally go for a pixie again. My Etsy shop is also some sort of social media, but it’s a bit different. The success (or lack thereof) probably also depends on my involvement in the community, which is zero to none. But I’ve accepted that and cherish every person visiting my shop, asking questions or actually buying something from me.

I am pleased to say that I do not miss putting stuff out in the high frequency I used to! I’m more of a silent viewer now. Do I need to blast into the world that I’m annoyed waiting for a delivery man? Do I need to share every single lovely moment with many many people? The answer is no. I don’t.

Since deleting all of these channels I have blogged a bit more than I used to (win), shared great moments with or without people near me (win), made more jewellery (win), fell pregnant (win), found a new apartment (win), prepped for upcoming Christmas markets (win) and started knitting again (win). I’ve even bought a new book and started to actually read it! With my eyes! Crazy.

I do have to admit that I’m still quite a lot on my phone. There’s still WhatsApp to be cared for, I am browsing the Instagram „recommended page“ quite a bit and since we got Netflix I’ve watched quite a few things on there. I’m not talking a few episodes, I’m talking full series. To my defence I have to say that I was very very morning and everyday sick and I couldn’t do much but resting the shit out of my body. But I like to think that I’m a bit more mindful when it comes to consuming social media and this is exactly what I wanted.

Since going „only Instagram“ I have also unfollowed quite a few accounts (sorry if that was you, it’s nothing personal, I just needed headspace). I still follow over 200 accounts, but it’s a lot less than before. And having the InstaStories to watch as well as pictures to look at it’s still quite a lot (I see a next cull coming)! I’ve also reduced my YouTube subscriptions to the channels that I REALLY get excited when they upload a new video. With less than 20 channels and I roughly know their upload times I don’t need to be on there all the time to see if „something’s new“. What a relief!

So what do I put up nowadays? I used to post one Instagram picture per day and interact with almost everything that came up on my feed. I upload maybe three times a week now and since the stupid new algorithm hates smaller content creators anyway, I don’t mind that my pictures don’t have the reach like they used to. I do like my InstaStory, but there are days when I have nothing so say and I leave it. How great is that?! And I definitely don’t feel pressured watching everything that comes up.

To conclude my thoughts: I have always been „Claudi, who loves and does social media“. It’s still one of my two jobs and I enjoy it, but I don’t need to share so many personal things anymore. The past few months have been challenging for many reasons, but knowing I can fill my free time with other thangs than my „online personality“ has been the best discovery.


Quit-O-Meter: 2 out of 5 quinces

Despite watching a lot of Netflix I can finally say that I am not a heavy social media user anymore! Hooray! How do you manage real life and online life?

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