My 2nd Trimester #preggoquince

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The second trimester was just as interesting as the first. I feel feelings I have never felt before and my body doesn’t belong to me anymore. Hello whale-stage!

Despite all the moaning above, it still is a very cool experience. Just putting it out there. But, and it’s a big but(t): being pregnant isn’t easy for me. I still suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum and I have only put on 7 kg so far (which I don‘t mind, just to illustrate my degree of puking). I have been on sick leave the last week and all I did was lay in bed and get up for hurling. Glamorous!

The baby is doing well, it’s 37 cm long and 1175 g heavy. This morning I asked Stefan if he actually realises that there’s our child on my belly. I mean, if you think about it, it is crazy. I’m growing a human! I love feeling the baby move in my belly, it’s the best feeling ever. And I wonder what he will look like a lot. Will he have green eyes just like Stefan and I? Will he have Stefan‘s dark hair or my light?

I‘m not feeling terribly hormonal, although Stefan might disagree. I feel pretty balanced, just that I feel more strongly about certain things. Haha. But mood-wise I feel pretty good (on non-puking days). Which is good! We had some really annoying struggles with our old landlord and our old apartment (which is hopefully finally resolving) and that was quite difficult for me. There were tears. But I cry the occasional happy tear as well, for example I was standing in a pretty long line at the post office and a middle aged man let me go to the counter first. I was MOVED! I noticed I dream very vividly and weird things now and it often evolves around Stefan or the baby, but I heard it’s normal. The stuff I dream though… should never surface…

I feel very short of breath, which makes me feel “very pregnant”. The stairs to our apartment are a major wheeze-fest and when I walked longer than two hours I need to sit down. What a disgrace!

On the other hand I have pretty good skin. In my face. I don’t know whether it’s because of pregnancy hormones or a new-ish cleansing routine, but I don’t care. I feel very comfortable and it feels so soft! There are currently no pregnancy related stretch marks on my body, which is nice, but I’m sure they will come later. I’m also not very religious about moisturising my belly and boobs, I do it somewhat daily, but sometimes I forget. You can read what I use in my last post here.

Overall I feel much more energetic than in my first trimester, but at the same time all the puking starts to wear me down mentally. On puking days I cannot do much more than laying around. Often mixed with migraines it’s just a terrible state to be in. But then I feel the baby kick and turn and I stroke my belly lovingly and I know why I put myself through all this.


Quit-O-Meter: 4 out of 5 quinces

I feel VERY pregnant now. But it’s not long to go, so I know why!

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