My 1st Trimester #preggoquince

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Yup, this happened. I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant and boy (or girl), this was quite a bumpy ride (no pun intended)!


I was umming and arring whether I should talk about my pregnancy here on my blog, but friends of mine encouraged me to do so. So here we are! This is a short recap of the past months.

I found out that I was pregnant being 5 weeks along and we couldn’t have been more surprised. We knew we wanted children and took appropriate measures towards it, but it happened rather quickly. Great job, Stefan! 😉 And seriously, this is a dream come true for me.

So the first 7 weeks I noticed nothing and stupidly I wished for ANY pregnancy symptom to just feel pregnant. Has anyone else felt like that? Yeah, please don’t. Because with the eight weeks mark I felt totally rotten. CONSTANTLY sick, drowsy, frail, hormonal, have I mentioned sick? I didn’t vomit once, but I wished I had, because you tend to feel better afterwards. I basically needed to lie down for 6 weeks, which isn’t idea, when juggling two jobs and life.

During these first three months we got mildew, mold, whatever you call it in our living room and not just a bit, but two walls full of fuzzy black badness, which isn’t exactly the environment to be with child. It’s dangerous. So we needed to get rid of that, fought battles with our stupid landlord who totally thinks it’s our fault AND simultaneously search for a new apartment, which is kinda impossible where we live as accommodation is sparse (we viewed over 15 apartments). All of this, compared with pregnancy hormones, made the last three months one of the hardest of my life.

Because I wanted to be all happy and blissed out and smiley, but I was too sick, too worried and too occupied to do so. Then I had a few bleedings, which were scary and worrying as well and a postitive toxoplasmosis test made everything even worse for the duration of the time we waited for the second result telling us that it wasn’t a new infection. Phew!

Now we found a lovely place (almost, the mahoosive paperwork isn’t done yet and I don’t want to jinx it), I had my three months baby scan and everything is healthy and I can hopefully finally relax a bit. Stefan and I have definitely felt the „new situation“ within our relationship, but communication is key and we work everything out.

Now I’m feeling better day by day and only experience a slight morning sickness. Thank goodness!

Things I randomly cried over:

  1. ~ The helpful lady in the pharmacy.
  2. ~ The friendly bus driver who signalled me to go first.
  3. ~ Buying „we’ll have a baby“ cards for the family.
  4. ~ Watching „Call the Midwife“ on Netflix.
  5. ~ Seeing our baby’s heartbeat. OK, this is major and not random at all. 😉


Quit-O-Meter: 1 out of 5 quinces

No quitting now, although I have wished for a smoother first trimester many times. But I am thrilled (Stefan, too) and can’t wait for my belly to grow and all that good preggo stuff!

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