#MotivationMonday – The Lent Series

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How’s lent going for you this year? Are you doing well with the goals you have set yourself, either for religious purposes or more worldly ones? I have to say, this year’s lent is going pretty well for me! No quitting!

When you’ve read my Lent Series on this blog, you will find that I chose to quit doing three things, which really have nothing in common and seem quite random, but are important to me nonetheless and I wanted to give them a go.

#1: ‚Quitting on Sitting‘ has been on my top agenda, as I read a very serious article about how bad sitting is for you. As I’m leading a rather healthy lifestyle, with hardly any alcohol, walking and going by bike and eating quite well, I was shocked to find out that my life could be significantly shorter because I have a sitting occupation and sitting hobbies, paired with sport activities, which I don’t do regularly. This had to stop! Since the beginning of lent, my best friend and I have been hitting the forest twice a week, me doing weighted Nordic Walking and her walking with weights on wrists and ankles. Those almost two hours in the woods have become my favourite during the week and I enjoy being away from the bustling city, working out, walking briskly and actually feel my body toning up. Yay!

#2: ‚Quitting on Cosmetics‘ has been launched due to my cosmetics and make-up obsession, which got a little out of hand and is -first and foremost- terribly expensive. I have far too many products and far too little body parts where I can use these products on and going into the drugstore and buying at least one nail polish for relaxation EVERY TIME became too much of a habit. I need to learn how to relax differently (duh!) and that’s why this compulsive buying needed to stop! And I’m pretty proud to announce that I didn’t buy ANY beauty product since the beginning of lent. I happily use up everything I have and gave double or unwanted products to friends (picture above), as I don’t want all these cosmetics go to waste, because they have an expiry date just like groceries. Thumbs up!

#3 ‚Quitting on Paper‘ is kind of a cheat. I did not only start this for lent, but I wanted to share my ways of reducing paper waste with you guys. I have not bought a single magazine or newspaper during the time of lent, used linen bags for my grocery shopping and scribbled on sheets of paper on both sides. This is clearly not a lent-thing, but more of a lifestyle for me and I’m definitely keeping it up. Super!

Why is lent going so well for me this year? I think it’s because I have set myself doable goals. Because I know I could never be without sweets or chocolate (although I reduced my intake), I would never be able to erase them fully and I didn’t even wanted to try, because I know I would fail miserably. My goal is to actually incorporate Nordic Walking into my weekly life after lent as well and I am planning to reduce my cosmetics shopping and want to proceed using stuff up before I buy new things.

Quit-O-Meter: 1 out of 5 quinces

So far, so good! Lent is going well for me and I have no reasons to quit these three things after lent! Howzit going for you? Please share your experience!

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