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“If at first you don’t succeed, sometimes it’s best to call it quits. Then go do something else instead!”
― Leslie Dean Brown

I really like this quote, as it perfectly describes my quitting history. Although I don’t think everything you do in life should be aimed at having success, fun just for the sake of having fun should be allowed, too. However, I still think that a certain success comes with the times you’ve quit things and started something else instead. This is the way to find yourself, your motor to move on, to be interested in things, trying stuff out and seeing whether you actually like what you started. Without quitting there is no start!

All the years I’ve tried so many hobbies, so many products, diets, so many paradigms of life and so many hair styles and I quit them all. But I moved on, only to eventually, one day, I find myself.

Quit-O-Meter: 1 out of 5 quinces

The only constant in life is change. Without quitting there is no start. Do you agree?


  1. Robin — 24. März 2014 @ 21:24

    I totally agree.  „Quitting“ is highly under rated!  It is the route to change and renewal.

     The word itself, quit, has been stigmatized with negative connotation when in fact, it is actually very liberating AND wonderful!! Why do people frown upon you when you say you „quit“ something?  It’s not that you have no will to stick with something….it more so demonstrates that you have the courage to move ahead and pursue something that’s possibly bigger and better or more fun or makes you happier!!  It shows courage and strength!    

    It actually takes a bit of wisdom and insight to know your limitations and when something is not right for you.  It can be very healthy for your well being to be able to „quit“ without feeling guilty.  

    Hey, I think I’ll make that my new mantra „QUIT WITHOUT GUILT“!!  I’ll quit this mantra after a week or two and adopt a new one but hey….that’s OK!!!

  2. Claudia — 24. März 2014 @ 21:30

    I love QUIT WITHOUT GUILT! I’m gonna adopt this as my mantra, too. Quitting is a very personal thing and society, friends or background should never interfere with your own decisions to do or quit things. Thanks, Robin, for your comment! Claudia Xx

  3. Eno — 29. März 2014 @ 14:45

    I think it often boils down to our society having achievements and power at their very center. Moreover, quantity is often believed to be more valuable than quality. I face that ever so often when customers ask me to oversize and over-emphasise their logo in an ad or fill it with information up to the last millimeter.
    What does it matter if you had a joyful year in a relationship instead of two years of trouble when you just don’t quit in order not to be regarded as failing (while being single seems to be at the very heart of possible social failure, how can you be so unlikeable?). Furthermore, nature shows that you periodically need to get rid of things and habits in order to renew and even survive (I am just thinking of our skin that’s said to renew entirely over a span of like seven years).
    Whether quitting is either good or bad depends on your personal and societal perception.

  4. Claudia — 29. März 2014 @ 20:11

    Your comment reached places deep in my heart, Eno. Especially the part about relationships got me, as I know both feelings very well: not wanting to quit, because it could be regarded as a failure (mostly by myself) and having to deal with societal stigma because I’m single at the mo‘. But, any end marks a fresh start and this point of view helps me a lot. Claudia Xx

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