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I’ve already learned so much about myself, doing this daily frequent blogging thing:

I’m doing more stuff I thought! What a surprise. I’m not your typical couch potato, I always love doing stuff and going places and meeting friends, but I also enjoy being cosy on my couch, drinking tea and doing things on my own in my own four walls. Trying to blog everyday has shown me that I’m actually out in the evenings more than I thought, because I’ve missed quite a few days already due to RL.

That happened yesterday, when I met up with an old friend in our favourite Vietnamese restaurant. We chatted for hours and I was home quite late. We don’t see each other very often, because she’s a working mother of two small children, but when we do it’s always lovely.

And then I was on the phone very long, too, and the evening flew by just like that and blogging wasn’t a priority. You know what, I think this is so cool! I’ve always considered myself an introvert and I will probably always be one. But I never knew I did so much stuff (so much for me). Amazing! I live my life sometimes half-aware, so it seems. It’s time to be more mindful and also forgiving. Telling myself I’m lame and boring, because I think all I do is sit at home needs to stop. STOP!

Today I went on a morning walk with my bestie. Unfortunately the forest was too icy and it wasn’t so much fun sliding along the way. So we took another route and it was just as nice. The sun came out and I felt like I was reborn. We haven’t seen the sun and blue skies for 4 days… this is hard work for the soul!

Then I went food shopping and I washed a few washing machines and recycled my used glass and felt super grown-up. I’m not, I promise. But sometimes I feel like it. For a second. And it goes away very quickly.

After an application for an upcoming jewellery fair in my home town (these things take me so long, I’m extra perfectionist with these things) I’m just chilling out on my sofa. With a cup of tea, under a blanket. This feels nice.


Quit-O-Meter: 4 out of 5 quinces

Nay of the Day: My chocolate craving doesn’t go away!

Yay of the Day: The sun!

Love, Claudia

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