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You know what, guys? I’ve treated myself to the first proper weekend in months and it was all kinds of glorious!

Yesterday I visited the Museum of National History in Berlin and spent almost 6 hours looking at dinosaur bones, comets and beautiful crystals. It was wonderful just to browse and take the time to absorb all this knowledge I will never have. This cool day was topped off with a delicious dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant with great company; what a good day it was!

Today started very weekend-y as well: I made myself vegan and gluten-free Kaiserschmarren with apples, sounds very indulgent, but was actually very healthy. I just need to make it look more appetising. When I’ve created the perfect recipe, I will probably share it here on my blog.

Since my yummy brunch I’ve been to the gym with a good friend, listened to some music and watched a few more episodes of „Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt“. I’m on season two now (the episodes a just 30 minutes long, soooo…) and love it to bits! So witty, so funny, so deep, so satirical. I feel like if you enjoy „Parks & Recreation“ and „Portlandia“, you might enjoy Kimmy as well. I’m in the lucky position to be able to watch Netflix (shout-out to Pasquale, I know you’re reading this) and I try very hard not to binge watch my life away. I mean, I need to get stuff done! Like, work!

Speaking of work, I must say, that this weekend was pretty epic. While a few brain cells of mine reminded me of my freelance position, I tried to not pay attention and just do stuff which isn’t work. And it worked! Hooray. I’ll be fresh as a flower to start the new week.

And while you read this I’ll be spending my evening with my best friend, probably watching a Jane Austen movie and chatting. <3


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Love, Claudia

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