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A few years back there was a time when music died. At least for me, for I couldn’t stand any sound/noise/distraction. That has changed 180 degrees!

During the time the music died for me I was fragile, vulnerable, easily irritated and frankly very very ill. This time lies in the past and I’m very happy about that!

Nowadays, this has changed so much. Although I enjoy quiet solitude (being an only child probably „helps“), silence can also feel threatening or lonely. Hence, I need background noise to feel at ease, to feel present and to feel less alone. Here are three of my favourite background noises, may they help you as well!

I discovered audiobooks for me properly in 2016. Before that, friends would give me stuff to listen to and I would, but I didn’t really get the audiobook thing. Since I’m a freelance metalsmith and I work for myself by myself most of the time, it can get a bit dull. Listening to Harry Potter has not only been soothing and exciting at the same time, it also helped with productivity. I would set myself goals such as „focussed work for 3 chapters“ and I would really get so much stuff done! Stephen Fry is a talented actor and speaker, his voice, his tone and his accentuation of words are unmatched.

Music is a funny thing. I have always been a music listener who only listenes to music when listening to music. I get lost in the lyrics, the sounds, I anticipate melodies and look forward to my favourite parts of the songs. There’s no way I can do other productive stuff when listening to music that way. When I have repetitive stuff to do on my workbench, music can help, but most of the time it only distracts me. Carla Dal Forno’s music, however, is the perfect background noise. It is interesting enough to not blank it out, but smooth and easy enough to casually listen to it. It’s cool, somewhat electronic and ethereal and I kind of admire her for creating cool stuff like that. Her work is on Spotify, have a listen!

And sometimes, I cannot listen to either someone talking or singing, I need abstract noises while working or reading or preparing food. A former co-worker (and brilliant sketchnoter, check Nadine out) introduced me to Noisli, a background noise app. The unique and cool thing about this app is that you can create sound menus to your taste. I like combining the sound of waves crashing to the shore with birds chirping. Best combo ever! You can also use pre-manufactured sound menus for productivity or relaxation, but I love to customise my own. These nature sounds instantly calm me down or put me in a good mood, when I cannot be outside myself.

Do you like background noises? If so, please share your recommendations!

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Quit-O-Meter: 3 out of 5 quinces

I’ll be back with daily blog posts, soon! I found it difficult to find words for my feelings in the past days, but I’m sure my words come back soon. ☺️

Love, Claudia

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