Am I coco-nuts?!

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A great place to get inspired is Pinterest and a few years back I was inspired to use coconut oil for everything. EVERYTHING. That’s right! There were hundreds of pins about coconut oil and its miraculous wonders and I pinned them all! I might have pinned a few twice, because I was basically obsessed.

I pinned them, because it sounded so heavenly. A one-for-all product is like a panacea for the modern day woman! That’s why more and more cosmetic products have 5-in-one or even 10-in-one claims (think BB and CC creams, lotions with multi-purpose uses, etc). In hectic, busy times, we cannot be bothered to use 7 different products on our faces and another 10 on our bodies, we want one product to rule them all. At least I thought that was what I wanted.

However, I failed miserably incorporating coconut oil into my daily routine of everything. This list by the Wellness Mama ( is quite a comprehensive one and I printed it out so I was reminded to use coconut oil for all those proposed uses.

I bought two jars, one for cooking and one for body care. Thinking of mixing these two uses gave (and gives) me goosebumps and shivers. Brrrrrr. I gave coconut oil the chance to moisturise my face, my dry shins, my undereye area, my elbows, my hair, my feet, basically every inch of my body was being aquainted with coconut oil and I thought I loved it. I quite liked the scent, as it was coconutty, but not too overpowering, my skin felt smooth, my hair was shiny, I was in coconut heaven!

But as the day grew older I started to recognise that the oil has gone rancid on me and smelled „off“. The lovely tropical scent from the morning turned into a sickly sweet, rancid mouldy funk. I’m sure the vultures were circling above me as I cycled home, because they thought I was dying. I felt terribly uncomfortable and was happy to wash the stuff right off first thing I came home. Urgh. I vowed to myself that I would never use coconut oil on my skin again. I have far too much fun with millions of cosmetics anyway and I actually love using 17 different cosmetic products with 17 different scents! (Here’s proof: The Lent Series #2: Quitting on cosmetics)

But now I had two jars and those weren’t exactly cheap, as I bought organic stuff as recommended all over Pinterest! So I tried to cook with coconut oil and I was impressed. Coconut oil can be heated up to a very high degree and it mostly loses it’s coconutty smell and taste, so it is safe to fry vegetables and meat in it. I read that coconut oil is one of the healthiest fats you could ever eat and since I like to be healthy, all I buy for frying or cooking until today is coconut oil.

And actually, once in a while I scoop out a handful of the oil and put it in my hair like a mask, wrap a towel around it and leave it overnight. After washing it out with normal shampoo in the morning, my hair is revitalised, full, shiny and smells very good.

So all in all I still have 2 uses for coconut oil and I really like it for these purposes, but I would never find 101 uses for it.

Quit-O-Meter: 4 out of 5 quinces

I couldn’t replace all my cosmetics for one jar of coconut oil, but did you? Do you use coconut oil for everything and what are your recommendations?


  1. kristin — 12. März 2014 @ 12:42

    Hey Claudia! I have to say that our family uses coconut oil for everything! We use it by the spoonful if we get sick (it destroys shell on virus) , we cook with it, put it on my sore hands at night after making jewelry all day, remove tar from our skin if we’ve been working on our leaky roof. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed a rancid smell, but we do have a warm, humid climate that naturally moisturizes our skin, so we never have to slather it all over bodies. My one secret use is for jewelry: after I oxidize it I coat it with the coconut oil and then wipe the excess off. The color goes from a dull grey to a very rich black. Because of our warm climate the oil is always in a liquid state and I never put it on anything cold (like salads) because I hate it when it clumps!

  2. Claudia — 12. März 2014 @ 13:27

    Your tips do sound great! I especially like the health tip and the one for jewellery. Thank you Kristin, I think I have to adapt my uses for coconut oil now. 🙂 Claudia Xx

  3. Talia — 13. März 2014 @ 1:04

    The only thing I use coconut oil on is cooking ! It crisps the edges of eggs wonderfully and keeps my chicken juicy!  I am excited to see how the oil would patina jewelry in a colder climate! 

  4. Claudia — 13. März 2014 @ 10:55

    Yes, it’s perfect for cooking. When I tried it first I was amazed that my stir-fry didn’t taste of coconuts! 😉 I really have to try the patina trick as well. That would be 3 uses for coconut oil out of 101… ;D Claudia Xx

  5. Leo — 21. Juli 2017 @ 22:30

    That’s not the only thing coconut oil is good for! It has a bounty of beneficial uses, as outlined in this informative article –

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