The Story behind my Jewellery #1

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I love everything British. I would go even further and say that I love anything English. This is a lot of loving here! Where does this love come from? Well, when I was 16 I spent a year in South Africa and pretty much soaked up the language and everything associated with the general culture.

That’s why I write this blog in English and not in German, my mother tongue. I just love the English language so much! Its compactness, its wit and humour, its words and its preciseness are very appealing to me and since I came back from my wonderful exchange year, I nurtured and honed my skills by reading classic and modern English literature, watching TV shows and movies in the original versions and found people to talk and write English with, mostly via Social Media.

Then I went to Birmingham/UK to achieve my Master’s Degree in Tourism and my love for anything British was rekindled, although it was never really dead. I just experienced the „Englishness“ all over again and really liked the friendliness of the people, the food, the architecture, the countryside and culture.

To express my love for anything British, I toyed with the idea to put the British penny in the centre of a ring design. Since coin jewellery isn’t new (in fact it is one of the oldest designs of mankind), I wanted the ring to look classic and modern at the same time and bring it to the modern days again! To make it look classic I chose to bezel set the penny, however, I left a wider edge around it to make it appear bigger as it is in order to achieve a real statement piece. To me, this design is also modern, because it has a rough side to it as well. I opted for a shiny surface, but it’s not too sparkly shiny and not too perfect- there are still some dents and hammer marks visible, it’s rocking the shabby chic!

It wasn’t easy to find the right penny for my idea, as there a few different ones in circulation at the moment. I wanted an older penny with a younger Queen on it, because she looks like a Roman goddess there! I was lucky to get one during my London trip last November.

I’m naming this design „A Penny for your Thoughts“. This is one of my favourite British idioms, as it comprises so much empathy, because someone would pay money to know what’s going on. We don’t have a saying like this over here, but I would love to incorporate it into the German language. Maybe I just do that, but it doesn’t sound even half as nice: „Einen Cent für deine Gedanken“.

Quit-O-Meter: 1 out of 5 quinces

Do you like this design? Do any British and non-British readers understand and share my love? Do you have any coin jewellery? Share it here or on via Twitter or Instagram!

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