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Quitting to talk about it? Now this sounds contrary to anything you’ve ever learned, but when you dig deep into yourself you find things that you talk about pretty often (a lot, all the time, forever) but don’t do anything about to put them into practice. In my case this was metalsmithing.

I have to start ten years ago, when I began to work at a gold smithy right after I graduated from high school. I wanted to become a jewellery designer and needed either a finished apprenticeship or a year as an intern. I chose something in the middle, which is not important here, but I smithed the crap outta the metal. I loved jewellery since I was a young girl and talked about creating it since I was a teen. Life did lead me into a different direction because of reasons and I ended up not becoming a goldsmith or jewellery designer. But I was hooked on jewellery ever since, even though I was happy with my new path I’ve chosen.

After thinking and dreaming and breathing and yearning… I signed up in 2012 for a free course in a jewellery academy in the town I lived and was happy and amazed that I had hardly forgotten anything! I came home. I came home to the clinking noises of a smithy, the smell of pickle, the excitement of playing with fire (literally). In early 2013 I moved away from this city and in my new city there wasn’t such thing as a jewellery academy and I was pretty sad that I lost this beautiful pasttime again. Then, in the nights I couldn’t sleep, an idea was formed in my head: Why not setting up my own workbench and start smithing again?

With the encouragment of a lovely Instagram community from all over the world and my friends and family, I slowly bought the first tools, got vintage ones from my grandfather, built up my very first workbench with my dad and aquired everything I needed just by the beginning of February. Now I’m set up and I’m sitting on my first piece after a year. It feels good to put things into practice after talking about it for so long. It feels very very good! Follow my jewellery adventures here:

Quit-O-Meter: 1 out of 5 quinces

Unless I’m not losing my hands I will be metalsmithing.

What are you talking about for ages and want to actually DO?


  1. Robin — 5. März 2014 @ 19:47

    Hi Claudia, 
    I love your blog.  I’ll be honest, I often wondered „will she EVER make a piece of jewelry??“ And, I am happy to see that you finally got around to it!! Also, I aspire to be a better quitter!  There are definitely things, habits and people who I seriously need to quit, so thanks for the quitting encouragement!! :)) ~Robin 

  2. Claudia — 5. März 2014 @ 20:01

    Thanks for your lovely words, Robin!
    Yes, I’m happy I held onto my dream and finally make jewellery again. 🙂
    And quitting – yes, it is important! Especially when it comes to people… it’s hard to quit them, but sometimes necessary. Love, Claudia Xx

  3. James Curlie — 11. März 2014 @ 12:53

    You definately can’t quit making Jewellery!! x

  4. Claudia — 11. März 2014 @ 14:59

    Awww, no I won’t, James! I’m on my next project, so stay tuned. 😉 Claudia Xx

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