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Two blog posts in one day?! We are all dreaming, right?

If you’ve missed this morning’s recap from the last week, please click here.

Well today was a good day! I’m sloooooowly recovering from that weird funk I was in. Hell to the yeah! I’ve met up with my goldsmith friend Elisabeth, whom I praised in today’s Instagram pic and we made plans for an upcoming jewellery fair in March. It’s so exciting to make plans which involve stuff I love!

After our 3-hour meeting slash heart to heart slash gossip talk I went straight to the gym and ran a solid 7,5 k run in just under an hour. I didn’t run to be super fast, it was a casual jog and it felt amazing! And I’m not only quite chuffed with the fact that I can run like that, I was even more chuffed that I went to the gym on my own! Woohoo! And it wasn’t even bad. I do feel a bit uncomfortable with all these strange people around, but I put my headphones in and just ran. I don’t even listen to stuff, these headphones act like a shield and I feel safer. Sounds weird? It probably is!

I’ve also received a very warm and lovely mail from a former co-worker of mine. We stayed loosely in contact after I left the co-working space in 2014, but I’ve always felt we had kind of a „special bond“. Her mail was so lovely and it lifted my good mood even higher and really, it’s moments like these I live for. Moments in which I feel like I matter. I did a lot of growing up in the last 4 years and what became most apparent to me is that the most valuable thing a person can give to you is their time. And knowing that she took the time to write me such a great mail means the world to me! And then I had a lovely phone call which involved making plans for the weekend. Me! Making plans for the weekend…!!! Really, today was a good day.


Quit-O-Meter: 5 out of 5 quinces

Nay of the Day: I try to not eat chocolate today but I’m craving it sooooo baaaaaad.

Yay of the Day: Everything else.

Love, Claudia

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