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It’s Friday the 13th today! I don’t really care, though! And I’ve been enjoying myself in RL, hence no blog posts the past couple of days.

The last few days have been quiet and lovely. I’ve been doing some work stuff, either on my laptop or my workbench and I have also been out and about. Wednesday evening I had a great chat with a new friend of mine whom I met through work last summer. The older I get the more careful I am to call people „friends“ very quickly. I’ve been betrayed or dissappointed too many times in my life to trust super easily. But in this case, we have a great connection and just „get“ each other. How lovely it is to meet new people and to befriend them! It is much easier back in school or uni to meet new people, the more thankful I am that it happens much later on in life, too.

Yesterday I had a great classic girls night in with my best friend. We chatted, we watched „Young Victoria“ with Emily Blunt and first and foremost enjoyed chocolate fondue. This is „our thing“ and we have been eating chocolate fondue for ages. The best indulgent snack ever! Pieces of banana and pear, our favourite fondue fruits, dipped in molten, warm dark chocolate… this is food porn!

Today I finished my first jewellery commision of 2017, this wrap-around granule ring you can see in the picture. Woohoo! I love this design so much and I hope the new wearer will enjoy their new ring. This design is so special, because no ring looks the same. They’re all unique and very organic, have no beginning and no end and look dainty and badass at the same time.

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Quit-O-Meter: 4 out of 5 quinces

Nay of the last Days: Can’t think of any nays. My mood in general isn’t the happiest, but it’s January. So normal.

Yay of the last Days: Spending time with friends. It’s so precious!

Love, Claudia

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