Green Smoothies

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Oh, no, I hear your outcry! How can you quit THAT? Green smoothies are the healthiest way to eat leafy greens, you say. Green smoothies are delicious and you don’t even taste the leafy greens, you say.

Green smoothies are the beverage it-girls right now and it is fashionable to carry around clear (!) plastic cups (sustainability?) filled with green liquid. If those cups weren’t see-through, no-one would notice that you are drinking something healthy… right? There is loads of literature on green smoothies and I started to make myself some grass in a cup because of the book by V. Boutenko who can be seen as the inventor of the leafy goodness.

Yes, they taste quite nice. Yes, you feel good afterwards. Yes, you take up cabbage after cabbage and like it. Yes, I’m aware of the health benefits, which basically result in the intake of all the vitamins and because you eat/drink them raw. But still I quit.

Several factors lead to a colourful life without green: Making them it is not as easy as it seems! My mixer (from a renowned brand of kitchen appliances) is a good one, but you still have to poke down all those veggies and fruit from time to time. The mixer is as loud as a starting airplane and you don’t want to hear motor sounds early in the morning. Neither do all your neighbours. Cleaning the mixer is just a plague. I don’t have my dishwasher running everyday, so I have to wash this monster in the sink. Every f***** day, twice. And because I hate washing up so much, I started to make smoothies in advance, but they go off so quickly, even if stored in the fridge. When storing a glass of green longer than a day, the smoothie decomposes into its components, so you have grass swimming on top, fruity slime in the middle and water in the bottom. Delicious! Erm, no. And the last factor, which is also very important in this quitting example, is that buying all the fresh vegetables and fruit was just not doable in a busy lifestyle of a full-time working person like me. Going grocery-shopping every other day? Nope. Buying organic greens, as recommended, also resulted in a very small budget for ‘real’ food and other things. It was basically too expensive.

What a shame, because I really liked the idea of incorporating more leafy greens into my diet. But I think, a good old salad and an apple on-the-go is just as good.

What do you think? Do you drink green smoothies regularly? How do you do it? Did you quit as well?

Quit-O-Meter: 4 out of 5 quinces

Maybe I’ll one green smoothie once in a while. But regular consumption is only possible when I live in my own house, the next neighbour is 5km away, I live on a farm where I grow my own stuff and I have someone who cleans the mixer for me. There is a slight possibility, right?


  1. Jen — 3. März 2014 @ 19:21

    They are tasty! This is what i do. Before i go to bed, i mix up about a cup of water, big pile of spinach, one or two kale leaves, an apple, half to a whole cucumber, handful of frozen berries (strawberries/blueberries/raspberries in whatever combo i feel like). The cucumber is the best part! I store it in the fridge to take to work the next morning (7:30am) and all it needs is a shake. The frozen berries make it easy and less expensive and the other stuff ususally lasts long enough for me to just swing past the store a couple times a week. It’s delicious, healthy, and looks gross. But, i haven’t quit! I just take days off here and there 🙂 

  2. Claudia — 3. März 2014 @ 19:33

    Well, I guess I have to try once again, using your tips! Thanks for my first comment, Jen! <3

  3. Stephanie — 6. März 2014 @ 9:22

    Have you tried Popsicle trays? I also hate cleaning the stupid blender jug. Plus I really can’t be bothered to put an effort into breakfast. That being said, I do enjoy smoothies. Last summer I started making a tray of Popsicles a week with the jug of smoothie. In the morning you take it out of the freezer and have a mess free, tasty, cold breakfast within seconds. Ikea has cheap and nicely sized trays if you don’t have one. 

  4. Claudia — 6. März 2014 @ 10:10

    What a great idea to use popsicle trays, Stephanie! I even have one which I’ve never used. I guess that green smoothie popsicles are great for hot summer mornings. Will definitely try that. Thanks for your comment! Claudia Xx

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