Gluten-free Guide to Weymouth/Dorset

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Cooking my own gluten-free food at home is easy, but being on holiday is a bit of a faff… so here’s where we ate on our recent UK holiday! 

I have been living gluten-free for over a year now and that has been mostly great – I’ve lost 10kg, don’t have so many migraines anymore, feel awake and happy most of the time and overall feel good in my body (more or less). This applies to eating at home, buying and cooking my own food which I know is gluten-free, going to places in Potsdam which cater for my needs, reading endless ingredient lists and telling my family and friends over and over not to buy certain things.

I’m not celiac, but I must have a pretty hefty gluten allergy, so even having little portions of it makes me feel unwell, so pigging out on all the deliciousness that is English cake was not an option when I went to Weymouth/Dorset and Brighton for our summer holiday in July. We’ve had a look online before we even set foot on British ground where we would find something to eat and Weymouth did not dissapoint! Here’s where we ate and how we liked it:

Coffee*1 | This cafè, although a chain, was the first we went into when we wanted to eat something for breakfast. The coffee and tea is great, the interior lovely and „British“ and there were some (two) gluten-free cake options: a caramel praline brownie, which I had three times in a row and a polenta almond orange cake, which was yummy also.



Bennett’s Fish & Chips | Whenever I go to the UK, I most likely eat Fish & Chips. The crunchy crust around my fave fish cod with salt and vinegar chips is the ultimate comfort food. However, the batter is made with flour and hence out of bounds. This restaurant offered a gluten-free batter, which was then deep-fried in the same oil as the „normal“ fish, but since I’m not celiac this was ok. I didn’t eat much else this day, I probably had a bazillion calories in one sitting, but it was so worth it! The staff, however, wasn’t super friendly and very slow.


The Dorset Burger Company | Just around the corner from our lovely B&B (The Mayfair) – this solid burger restaurant offered a gluten free burger bun and so I could enjoy all the goodness. The meaty burgers were incredible, I had two different ones while we were there, but the vegetarian or even vegan options were very limited and Stefan wasn’t as happy as I was. The interior was beautiful, old meets new, and the staff friendly.


The Lobster Pot | When we power-hiked to the island of Portland we did bring our own sandwiches and snacks, but when we arrived at Portland Bill, the famous lighthouse, we wanted to have a warm, proper meal. My hopes weren’t very high to get something gluten-free, but even at this remote place they offered gluten free bread rolls with the soup, both delicious. And that view – priceless!


Tesco free from shelf | Tesco is a pretty cool supermarket anyway, but when we saw the free from shelf we were impressed! Germany is a bit behind, or at least Potsdam is, so these offerings were very cool to us. Different breads, crisps, cookies, even carrot cake, spreads and more waited for our purchase and boy, did we purchase! It was our go-to place for our packed lunches and it served us well.


The Stable | Pizza is my favourite food ever. Like, ever ever! When I first went gluten-free I didn’t eat pizza for over three months, because the options here weren’t really yummy. We (and by we I mean Stefan) make gluten-free free pizza all the time, Stefan is a pastry chef and knows his dough, so it’s very yummy, but I haven’t eaten any gluten-free pizza in a restaurant before. The Stale offered a pizza base which was delicious and the topping as well! Because it’s located in an old storage silo at the historic harbour of Weymouth, the interior was pretty hip. The staff was very tattooed, friendly and chatty and we went there repeatedly.

Verdict: I was very impressed that even in a small seaside town like Weymouth we had so many gluten free options in „normal“ restaurants. We didn’t miss out on anything or felt left out or ate dry bread all the time, we enjoyed the food options and it really felt like being on holiday, also because of the food. I totally recommend visiting Weymouth, the town is pretty, the landscape around it magnificent and the food is great, too! I can see myself visiting again.


Quit-O-Meter: 4 out of 5 quinces

Gluten-free eating on holiday is a bit more tricky, but possible (necessary). Doing my research and asking for alternatives is key to enjoying your holiday food wise. All the love! Claudia

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