Gluten-free Guide to Brighton/UK

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This blogpost was actually due many moons ago, but „something“ kinda came up, so I had to postpone it. Enjoy my Brighton foodie picks!

I was in Brighton in July 2017, after Stefan and I visited Weymouth in lovely Dorset. Not gonna lie, I didn’t enjoy Brighton as much as I expected. I’ve visited twice before that, but always off-season, so I was shooketh (not in a good way) by peak-season Brighton and its people. People everywhere! Drunk peope! Party people! The next time I visit it will be in early spring or autumn or even winter again, because it’s just the best vibe there. Anyway.

So Stefan and I both need to eat a gluten-free diet. Disclaimer: we’re not celiac, we have a sensitivity which still is a massive inconvenience. So we whilst in Brighton, we only picked gluten free food options and we were not dissapointed. Brighton is a great place for food!

We only stayed 3 nights in Brighton and hence our experience wasn’t too expansive. Speaking of: Brighton is very expensive, so we opted for the super market quite a lot. Mostly we bought smoothies, gf bread and hummus, a filling snack, fitting for summer. I did want to go to Pret, because Pret is pretty great and of course there are many gf options. I had a green juice, the pomegranate and pineapple pot with coconut yogurt and a ginger shot. Gosh, I love the ginger shots! Pret, hurry up and come to Germany already!

We also needed something more filling later that day, so we went to a Vietnamese pho place. You guys know I love my pho and it is always a safe option, because the noodles are made of rice and pho generally is gluten free. We went to a place called Pho and dang, it was a nice bowl of broth-y goodness. So fresh, so tasty and great service too! Stefan had a curry with a peanut base and he was impressed, too. The food came with complimentary water and that kept the bill low. I would definitely go there again!

We stayed in a b&b which wasn’t the greatest, but it was cheap and very central, so I won’t complain. I know British accommodation, the standard is very different to Germany, so I know what we were getting ourselves into. The b&b didn’t offer gf breakfast, just the usual toast and jam kinda thing, so we opted to eat elsewhere instead. We stumbled across Bona Foodie and I was in love! If I ever owned a food place, it would look like that. Run by a Spanish (unfortunately not the friendliest) family, it offers fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, great coffee and most of all: gluten free pastry and cakes. I had the cherry bakewell tart twice (because of major yumminess) and an orange almond cake once and it was amazing! Can’t wait for the day I can go into a random food place and eat a gf cake. It still is rather seldom here in Potsdam.

The day we went on a very hilly and long coastline bike trip in the biggest summer heat, we wanted to have something substantial for supper. We took our trusty hummus sandwiches with us, but when we came back we were starving and the wise people we are (ahem), we pre-booked a table at Purezza the day before. The day before we didn’t get into this tiny place, so we wanted to make sure we do this time. Their claim was „plant-based pizza with a corn base“ and it was delicious. The pizza base wasn’t very crisp and it reminded us of polenta, but it was still super yummy. I just loved the fact that everything was plant-based and gluten-free options available. Stefan chose a burger, which probably wasn’t gf and now that I have checked their menu again, they don’t offer burgers anymore. He liked it, the pesto was amazing and the side of crispy vegetables something different. Would I go there again? Probably. The vibe and service was a bit too hip (read too cool) for us and the tiny place was crammed and loud. If this place was open off-season I would probably go there again.

The last place we went to was Foodilic, a „healthy food“ chain. I believe they have two branches in Brighton and we went to the bigger one, not far away from Churchill Square shopping centre. My god, if only we would have gone there earlier! Stefan chose a lunch plate with several warm and cold salads, all gf and I wanted to try that vegan raw gf carrot cake, which was basically salad. Haha. So yummy! It was self-service, but the people behind the counter were super helpful and friendly. What I can say is that is was quite expensive compared to the other food options we tried. But it was delicious and on holiday you tend to stretch your budget anyway.

Our verdict: restaurants and food places in Brighton are just as willing to provide for your dietary needs as anywhere else I have been in Great Britain. It wasn’t hard for us to find something and we discovered yummy food, which we still recreate at home (polenta pizza base is genius). Brighton is very expensive, so buying ingredients for sandwiches was a good idea! The „free from“ shelves at British supermarkets are very good, so no problems in that department.

Writing up this blog post now made me want to go to the UK so bad! It’s just my happy place. Can’t wait to visit with our boy one day.


Quit-O-Meter: 5 out of 5 quinces

Great food with varying friendliness. My favourite was the corn-pizza, although the service wasn’t great. Where’s your favourite place to eat gluten-free in Brighton?

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