Hello there!

You’ve stumbled across my blog about quitting. Yay!

Yes, you’ve heard right, it’s (mostly) all about not doing things anymore. Most blogs are about doing something, on and on, but I want do break with this tradition and describe the things I have stopped doing. You wonder why? Because I noticed that I have done a lot of things in my life for only a short period of time and actually wonder why I can’t proceed with things I have started. Is it a lack of discipline? Me being an Aquarius?

But I also want to spread the word that it is okay if you’re not Wonder Woman! Who is doing all this stuff you’re supposed to be doing in order to be a great person? I think a lot of people can relate to my quitting issue, I would like, with the help of you, turn the quitting habit into something good. How do you stay on track? What motivates you? What are the factors which lead to quitting?

Of course, quitting is not just associated as a bad characteristic. Quitting can be good, too! Stop smoking, stop eating crap, stop surrounding you with people who make you feel bad… yes, quitting can also be an uplifting experience and I would like you to join me while I do the thing, which I do best: Quitting.

Sidenote: I don’t quit everything. Oh no, I actually do stuff, too! My passion is jewellery. Hunting for vintage jewellery, designing and creating metal goodness makes me happy. This blog is also an outlet of my work and the joy it brings. Hope you enjoy it, too!

  • Name: Claudia
  • Location: Germany
  • Age: 33
  • Favourites: metal smithing, reading, travelling in the UK, blogging, being with friends&family, chocolate, dancing like nobody’s watching, running